Westminster City Council

Why this Borough?

Westminster is the UK’s political and cultural centre, containing world-renowned theatres, restaurants, hotels and entertainment. Businesses in the city generate around £54bn of the UK’s economic output, more than any other single local authority area.


Westminster is a uniue place, home to Monarchy, Government, almost 11,000 listed buildings as well as the West End and Soho, two of the most creative and exciting locations in the world. Westminster is also home to over a quarter of a million people, living in distinctive and well-known neighbourhoods, which are an important part of this great city. Westminster is seen as an affluent place, but it also faces significant challenges: responding to a highly mobile population, tackling wealth and other inequalities, managing increasing demand for services and now dealing with the impact of a global pandemic.


Approximately 1 million daytime visitors come into Westminster every day, and whilst bringing significant economic benefit, this level of daily movement places a strain on the City’s infrastructure, environment and resources.


WCC has a centralised finance team consisting of teams that business partner with the services, assisting with budget monitoring, budget setting, identify savings and providing value added services to budget holders.


Services include Adult Social Care, Children’s Services, Environment and City Management, Finance and Resources and Growth Planning and Housing. The Corporate Finance team coordinate and report monthly monitoring and budget setting to senior internal stakeholders and members and statutory financial accounting to external stakeholders, as well as managing financial controls including bank reconciliations and VAT.

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Flagship Programme

Westminster City Council’s refreshed vision, City for All 2020 - 2023, responds to the significant impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the city, our communities and the council. Three distinct themes will shape our approach to deliver our promises: Greener and Cleaner - Vibrant Communities - Smart City

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