Why this Borough?

We are a dynamic local authority driven by a clear vision of how we will transform the borough, address inequality, and create a lifetime of opportunities for everyone who lives, works and learns in Enfield.



Our graduate programme is a little different to the other local authorities: we give you the option of starting by studying for a financial modelling and data visualisation certificate before going on to CIPFA. This will give you a modern set of skills and set you apart from all other CIPFA graduate trainees, setting you up for faster career progression. 



We have a variety of career pathways within the Finance department – technical accountants, business partners, financial modellers, officers managing large financial investments, managing loans and tax specialists.



Enfield has partnered with Camden Council and North London Waste Authority to provide an opportunity for graduates to have a secondment to the other organisations. This broader view is a great experience for the graduate and also helps to share best practice across our organisations.


What's our vision for the Finance Team?

We are:

  • Problem solving: we anticipate and collaboratively solve financial challenges
  • Modern: we develop our skills, processes and systems to define a modern local authority finance department
  • Focusing on the fundamentals: we don’t believe that a finance department ever outgrows the need to focus and continuously improve on the ‘basics’ (e.g., robust budgets, solid data, smooth processes)

Work on interesting and challenging projects

The scale and breadth of our capital projects:

  • Meridian Water is creating 10,000 homes and 6,000 jobs, transforming an underutilised industrial area.
  • Joyce & Snell’s regenerating two Council estates and creating around 2,000 additional sustainable and energy efficient homes aimed at Enfield residents.
  • Subsidiary companies: Energetik (a heat network) and Housing Gateway Limited (reducing homelessness).


You will be empowered to ask and suggest solutions to big strategic questions. Together, we will adapt our capital programme to the new economic environment while growing the enthusiasm and innovation that has benefitted Enfield up to now.


There are also many opportunities to work on the services that help our residents, with plenty of chances to make changes and add value to Enfield, whether by updating existing processes or finding ways to do things more efficiently.


In my 2 years at Enfield I have been constantly challenged with a wide variety of projects that have had a real impact on the community; between working on Government grants, Library services, and analysing trends in Adult Social Care.” – Ian, 3rd year graduate.

Enfield estimated residents

What's it like to work at Enfield?

Flagship Projects

You could be involved in Meridian Water which is a major £6bn, 25-year London regeneration programme led by Enfield Council, bringing 10,000 homes and thousands of jobs to Enfield. We have an ambitious  £2bn 10-year capital investments programme in many  areas. 

Culture and ways of working

You will join an existing high-performing, dynamic team with an appetite to try things differently. The senior management team is supportive, kind and collaborative  and we’re also not afraid of healthy challenge.

Ready to be the future of public finance ?

We are now open for applications to our 2023 graduate opportunities.