Why this borough?

The borough of Camden is extremely diverse. It goes from Covent Garden and Oxford Street in the south to Highgate and Hampstead in the north. It is home to 230,000 people from all walks of life.


The borough includes Kings Cross, St Pancras and Euston stations (as well as the new site for the HS2 station). It is home to some of the world’s largest businesses (including the Google European head office next to King’s Cross) and some of London’s largest parks (including Hampstead Heath). It’s also a cultural centre, including Camden Market and a wide range of arts and entertainment venues.


Camden also has a “can do” spirit and we seek to maximise the council’s resources to benefit our residents. (See detail on “Camden 2025” below.) This means there’s a huge amount of work for finance officers to support. Recent projects include:


  • Affordable housing – business case development to ensure the council can afford to build large numbers of new affordable homes for residents and buy new homes for families at risk of homelessness
  • Climate change – developing new financial products, such as a “Green Bond”, to pay for projects that will reduce the borough’s carbon emissions
  • Pandemic support – ensuring that funding was made available to buy food and provide additional support for the most vulnerable in the borough during the pandemic


Rebellious spirit


At Camden, rebellion comes back to what really matters.


And, what really matters at Camden is the values we share. They underpin everything we are, everything we do – and how we treat each other.


A defiant history of creativity, music, entertainment and activism. A sense of community. A rare culture of togetherness that unites colleagues and residents – who share a true sense of purpose, articulated in the Camden Plan. In the face of budget cuts and ever increasing challenge, Camden is creativity at every turn and unswerving confidence in shaping London and futures. Camden is…




Rebellion is about resisting conventions. This includes the conventions of rebellion itself. So we’ll take control, and define what rebellion means to us – as well as our people, residents and borough. This helps us articulate the values we expect our people to have. It’s about bringing your best self to work and challenging the status quo – about not being afraid to experiment and take risks to ensure Camden becomes a place where everybody has a chance to succeed and nobody gets left behind.


Diversity & Inclusion


We want Camden Council to be a great place to work and an organisation that we have pride in.


A vital part of this is ensuring we are a truly inclusive organisation that encourages diversity in all respects, including diversity of thinking.


By doing this, we will ensure we continue to represent our communities to the best of our ability and deliver our ambitions for Camden.


What matters to us?

    • Everyone is able to be their best self at work: being who they are, being listened to, valued and respected.
    • People who work here reflect the diversity of Camden, and understand the place and our communities.
    • Knowing that everyone of us has biases: but we work to understand, challenge and evolve from them.
    • Valuing and celebrating difference and how that adds to our culture.
    • Using our differences to help us make better decisions, rather than pretending we’re all the same.
    • That we are all responsible for calling out anything that is not right, doesn’t support these values and needs to be stopped.
    • That everyone comes to work with the determination to resolve and learn from the things that are not right.
    • Not tolerating any form of discrimination, victimisation, harassment or bullying.
Camden Estimated Residents

Flagship Projects

Pandemic support – ensuring that funding was made available to buy food and provide additional support for the most vulnerable in the borough during the pandemic

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