About Haringey

Haringey is, in demographic terms, an exceptionally diverse and fast changing borough. Some 50% of our population overall, and three-quarters of our young people, are from ethnic minority backgrounds, and around 200 languages are spoken in the borough, and 30% of Haringey residents do not speak English as their main language.  

We embrace change and transformation, and we are keen to engage in best practice and actively seek out opportunities to make Haringey a better place to live for our residents. 


There are many great businesses, fast transport links into central London and to the M11 corridor. We are home to some of London’s most desirable neighbourhoods, but the variety of housing available means that people who cannot afford other parts of the city have been able to make Haringey their home. 

Why this borough?

Haringey is a place of great opportunity, with enormous potential for growth – a growing economy, more and better housing and flourishing communities. We are already home to institutions of national and international significance, including Tottenham Hotspur and Alexandra Palace. We believe that, with our potential for growth, we are the future of London. 


In Haringey Council, there is great scope to work in multiple areas and make your mark on the borough with clear paths of progression towards becoming a fully-fledged finance professional. We have a very ambitious, compassionate, and supportive environment at Haringey which will give you the tools and room to grow and develop both personally and professionally.  

What could you work on?

We put in place one of the most ambitious council-house building programmes in the country and as at the end of March 2022, our housing delivery programme had a cumulative total completion of 173 units, planning permissions of 835 and starts on site of 1,402. 


We are also in the process of implementing major transformative projects for the benefit of our communities within Tottenham and Wood Green. Our regeneration and placemaking (housing) work is focused primarily on: 

  • North Tottenham 
  • Tottenham Hale 
  • Tottenham High Road 
  • Broadwater Farm 


These projects will improve and grow the economy for local businesses and provide opportunities of good quality employment and housing for our residents through these regeneration projects.  

They will bring transformative and positive change for residents in the borough. 


Flagship Projects

The John La Rose Award scheme is a programme of support for young people, which sets out to make access to higher education fairer as part of the council’s wider ambitions to create a more equal borough. This award provides support to under 25 year old Haringey residents entering higher education for the first time coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. If successful they will receive bursary grants to support living costs, and mentoring and support, with one of our current graduates signed on to provide support as a mentor for Autumn 2023.

Ready to be the future of public finance ?

We are now open for applications to our 2023 graduate opportunities.