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our requirements

These are more about you than the degree you have or expect to achieve. You'll have a drive and desire to help, lead and communicate but most importantly, you will want to make a real difference to real people.

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what you need to have

We need graduates who are keen to study for a professional qualification whilst working full-time . Your formal qualifications aren't the most important requirement though - your drive to succeed and desire to make a difference are. We want people who aren't afraid of taking on a challenge, we want people who know they can make communities better and we want people who care about people and the work they are doing. Click here to view the successes people have made.

You can have or expect to obtain a degree in any subject, as long as you have achieved or are on target to achieve a 2:2. We also need you to have GCSE Maths and English or equivalent (Grade C or above). Strong numeric, writing, oral and presentation skills should also be part of who you are, as well as computer literacy and first-class time management skills.

On the scheme you'll be developing your professional and technical skills but also your own interpersonal ability to enable you to become a leader of the future. Added to which we'll want you to have the desire to make a difference to the community you'll work in, improving people's lives.

Please note that our graduate roles are politically restricted under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989. We are therefore unable to accept applications from candidates currently involved with political activity, both during and outside of election periods.


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